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How To Make Gulab Jamun Recipe With Khoya

Today we have brought you the recipe of Gulab Jamun Recipe, the famous sweet of Rajasthan. Which you can celebrate your happiness by making it on any special festival or occasion. So let’s start, the method of making Gulab Jamun Recipe.

What Are The Ingredients For Gulab Jamun
1 kg dry fruits (khoya)
1.50 grams flour
1.50 kg sugar
Water( 1.50 kg )
7-8 cardamoms (crushed)
Ghee/oil (for frying the gulab jamun)
a pinch of sweet soda

How To Make Gulab Jamun

First of all, to make Gulab Jamun, take one kilo of dry fruits (khoya). Then grate it well (with the help of someone). Now put it in a big container. Then add a pinch of sweet soda to it. After this, flour (1.50 grams) will be added. Then mix everything well. After this, knead it well like coming. It will take some time, but will knead it well with the help of palm.(It will take approx 7-8 minutes to knead).

Then you will make small balls of the size of Gulab Jamun. (If you want, you can make it in any other shape) Keep in mind while making the pills, they have to be made with light hands. If you apply too much force, it will start cracking.

What Is Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Now prepare all the tablets in this way. Now put ghee/oil in a pan. Let the ghee/oil heat up. (Do not heat the ghee/oil too much, heat the medium only. If the ghee/oil is too hot, then the gulab jamun will be cooked from outside. But it will remain raw from inside). When the ghee/oil becomes hot, then one by one all the laxatives will be put in the pan. Fry 10-12 gulab jamuns at a time. The laxatives will turn the berries over with the help of a light hand release.

Now it has been about 10-12 minutes while frying the julab jamuns. When the color of Jalab Jamuns becomes golden in color, then take them out from the pan. Now they will be given hot-hot only inside the sugar syrup. Putting hot gulab jamuns in sugar syrup will make them swell well. And it will dissolve well in the sugar syrup. Similarly, all the gulab jamuns will be pulsed in sugar syrup. Then let them remain inside the syrup for 5-6 hours.

How To Make Sugar Syrup For Gulab Jamun

First of all take a pan. Put it on the gas. Then add sugar and water to it. Now make it continuously while moving. By the time the sugar syrup is ready, you can prepare dry fruits. Now the sugar has dissolved well in the water, so we will put the crushed cardamom in the sugar syrup. Now keep it for a while longer. When the syrup starts to boil, then turn off the gas. Now our sugar syrup is ready for Gulab Jamun.

In this way our famous sweet Gulab Jamun of India will be ready. You can make them on any festival or any happiness. And you can celebrate with your family.

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